As a property owner, you have untapped potential in your property, vacation home, or warehouse. EMZARA has simplified the process of acquiring leads, managing your event calendar, and providing day-of coordination. If you have a unique property, you are ready to begin hosting events.


1. Complete Our Online Survey:

After completing the Property Application Form, one of our EMZARA Event Specialists will contact you about your property. Using region-specific industry analytics, EMZARA will conduct a property analysis of your space and generate a report detailing the value of your property and your estimated earning potential.


2. List Your Property

Once approved, your property will be listed on the NOAH’S Event Venue and EMZARA websites. You will immediately start receiving inquiries from potential clients about your property.


3. Tour and Book

Set your own appointment times. Clients complete bookings and make payments with the secure EMZARA app. EMZARA Coordinators will be available to give tours, conduct layout consultations, and to answer any questions that the event organizers have about your property. You can choose which times the property is available for tours (which will be given by our Event Coordinators). The Event Host complete their bookings and make payments with the secure EMZARA app. All bookings and payments will be processed through our secure software system.

4. Host Events!

EMZARA Coordinators will be on site for the event from start to finish. After the event, you collect your share of the payment!