Key Players in the Sharing Economy

When you hear the term “sharing economy” what typically comes to mind? Most of us probably think of big name companies like Airbnb and Uber. These companies take something you already own and help you make money when you aren’t using them. Companies in the sharing economy provide a platform where you can get paid for “sharing” your assets. There are hundreds of other startup companies diving into the sharing economy because they see its potential and we do too!

EMZARA provides sharers, like yourself, one of the highest income streams available in the sharing economy. If you own a beautiful space or property EMZARA allows you to make money by letting us host weddings and events on your property. After you apply and your property is approved we take care of rest! We manage every step of the process, from booking and tours to set up and cleanup! Take a look around your home and property. Do you have a beautiful space or property that you want to share? Do you have other resources laying around that could also be making you money?

Here’s who we think will make you the most money when you do decide to join the sharing economy. Because it’s not a matter of if you will join, but when you will join!

Key Players in the Sharing Economy | What companies in the sharing economy will make you the most money? |


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