An EMZARA property is a privately owned property that can host events, but was not necessarily built for that purpose. For example, a mountainside vineyard with an unbelievable view of the sunset would make a great EMZARA property. Doesn’t that sound like a gorgeous location for a wedding ceremony? EMZARA has partnered with NOAH’S Event Venue, the nation’s leader in events and event venues, and we are able to provide Property Owners with the tools and resources they need to host events. No event experience is necessary. Think of us as the Airbnb of the event world!

CUBIT Software is our purpose-built, trusted, secure, operating system responsible for start-to-finish event management. CUBIT Software combines all the necessary tools for running your event business, including lead management, email templates, an event calendar, payment processing, contract management, and more.

All payments are taken through CUBIT Software, our secure event management system. A down payment of 50% of the rental fee is required at the time of booking. The remaining payments are split up over the next few months. You must be paid in full 90 days before the event.

Event Hosts can schedule layout consultations just like tours. All layout consultations will be conducted by EMZARA Coordinators. The Event Host can simply request a layout consultation through the EMZARA app. The EMZARA Coordinator will ensure all layouts are scheduled 60-90 days before the event date.

Your EMZARA Coordinator is here to assist with any event questions you may have leading up to your event. You are responsible for renting any additional event needs, but the EMZARA Coordinator can direct you on what is needed for a successful event.

There will be an EMZARA Coordinator at every event held on an EMZARA property. Their job is to ensure that the Event Host has access to the property, to direct vendors to the appropriate locations, and to take care of any setup and cleanup. An EMZARA Coordinator is not responsible for adherence to an event timeline (such as the timing of the ceremony, dinner service, etc.) and is not a wedding planner.

An EMZARA Coordinator is there to represent EMZARA, to ensure you have access to the property, to make sure all agreed-upon terms are honored, and to take care of the event setup and cleanup (tables, chairs, linens, and garbage). A wedding planner will direct the timing of your ceremony, put out menus, and if you are lucky, even return the groomsmen’s tuxes the next day! If you are looking for wedding planner recommendations in your area, check out Customer Connect.

Before an EMZARA property is officially listed, our team researches what special permits are required in order to host an event at that location. Permit availability, noise ordinances and event restrictions vary from city to city. Our EMZARA Coordinators are here to assist with this process and will ensure that steps are taken to obtain the required permits.

The exclusive vendor management company of NOAH’S Event Venue and EMZARA is Customer Connect. Customer Connect establishes relationships with local vendors and develops a recommended professional list for each EMZARA property. Visit their website for a complete list of vendors and to schedule a consultation.

The Event Host is required to rent portable restrooms if there are no public restrooms available. Some EMZARA properties have access to public restrooms, but many do not. If portable restrooms need to be reserved, Customer Connect, EMZARA’s partnered vendor management company can provide a local recommendation.

We require EMZARA properties to be no more than 35 miles from a hotel. Please contact Customer Connect (or visit their website) for specific details about nearby hotels.

The EMZARA Coordinator is responsible for the setup of tables, chairs and linens. Some EMZARA properties offer access to tables and chairs, while others require that they be rented. Many rental companies will include the setup and take down of items. Consult with your EMZARA Coordinator for specific property details. Any specialty décor will need to be set up by the vendor it was rented from.

Every EMZARA property has unique features available to Event Hosts. We do not require our Property Owners to include access to audiovisual equipment, though some properties may have some equipment available. Please contact your EMZARA Coordinator to discuss specific audiovisual needs.

All properties vary—some have a prep kitchen available or a designated space for caterers, but your caterer should plan on working out of their own tent, trailers, or specialty vehicles. The caterers are the experts when it comes to food preparations in unique locations. Visit Customer Connect for local catering recommendations.

Every EMZARA booking begins at 12:00 PM the day before the event and ends at 5:00 PM the day after the event. For example, if you have a Saturday event, you would have access to the property from 12:00 PM on Friday to 5:00 PM on Sunday. You have access to the property for the weekend. We recommended that you set up (and rehearse, if needed) on Friday, you host your event on Saturday, and you clean up on Sunday. Some EMZARA properties may have a designated space for décor or may allow a trailer to be parked on site temporarily to store your items.

Visit for complete details! The EMZARA Coordinator is responsible for placing the linen order and advising the Event Host on how many linens are needed. The EMZARA Coordinator will set up and return all the linens. All linen orders will be delivered directly to the property. Linen samples can be viewed at any NOAH’S Event Venue.

Yes. The EMZARA Coordinator will walk you through the checkout process at the end of the event. All décor and event items need to be removed by 5:00PM the next day. The only cleanup that is required on the night of the event is taken care of by the EMZARA Coordinator, this includes making sure that garbage is secure and/or removed and the rented linens from NOAH’S Linens are safely stored.

We require all events to have a security guard for the entire length of the event. The security guard(s) and the EMZARA Coordinator will ensure the event ends at the agreed-upon time.

Events are typically required to end by 11:00 PM or 12:00 AM. Times vary depending on the city and noise restrictions.

Each EMZARA property has different areas (both indoor and outdoor) that are included with your rental, so the answer to this question will depend on each individual property. All EMZARA properties are available at minimum for your event as well as a rehearsal and the setup and cleanup of your event, but please see our individual property listings for a list of exactly what is permitted on each property.

Certain restrictions are placed on the Property Owner and agreed upon when they become an EMZARA property. The property must be well maintained and not have any large alterations to the property.